Compaq (컴팩) Presario 2831AP 드라이버 다운로드 무료 (ver. 2.­02 D)

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Compaq (컴팩) Presario 2831AP (ver. 2.­02 D) MICROSOFT CAB SELF-EXTRACTING 배포일 2003.06.13.

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브랜드 Compaq (컴팩)
Presario 2831AP
운영 체제 Windows XP
버젼 2.­02 D
파일 크기 53 Mb
배포일 2003.06.13
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Support Software for Compaq Presario 2831AP Type: Driver - Network DESCRIPTION: This contains Software that supports the Bluetooth Multiport Module by Compaq on the Compaq notebook and desktop models listed below running Windows XP.­ The Bluetooth MultiPort Module is Compaq's Bluetooth communications implementation that provides wireless connectivity to other devices from the MultiPort connector of certain Compaq notebooks and desktops.­ ENHANCEMENTS: - Adds support for Microsoft Windows XP.­ - User interface enhancements.­ PREREQUISITES: - Bluetooth MultiPort Module by Compaq (Compaq Part Number 234209-001).­ HOW TO USE: 1.­ Download the Softpaq to an empty directory on your hard drive.­ 2.­ Run the Softpaq executable and follow any on-screen instructions as the setup program is launched automatically to install the software.­

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